FoodChain ID Non-GMO Standard


The FoodChain ID Non-GMO Global Standard is recognized within the industry as the benchmark for a non-GMO production system because applies a quality management system approach to identity preservation. The training introduces the principles and processes under FoodChain ID Non-GMO Certification Standard version 7, which has been expanded to keep pace with the growing complexity and needs of the market.

The Standard is applicable to organizations involved in the cultivation, production, processing, storage, distribution, logistics, and/or trade of non-GMO products. Product certification can be requested for raw materials, derivatives, additives, processing aids, and finished products, including livestock and animal feed.

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FoodChain ID Non-GMO Standard

The e-learning course covers the principles and processes to establish non-GMO food production under the FoodChain ID Non-GMO Certification Standard.

Key Learning Objectives

    • Identify non-GMO certification and labeling categories
    • Describe the tolerance threshold levels of GMO presence
    • Understand the protocols of risk assessment-based sampling and testing
    • Understand the procedures for avoiding GMO contamination in production, processes and transport
    • Define traceability and its importance
    • Determine the requirements for Quality Management and procedures for training and internal auditing
    • Review the different versions of the FoodChain ID non-GMO standard
    • Understand the FoodChain ID certification process and identify its operational elements

Estimated Completion Time
One hour

Additional background on the FoodChain ID Non-GMO Certification Standard can be found HERE.